In Pursuit of Total Brain Health

Lucid Psycheceuticals is a psychedelics-inspired biotech company

Our therapeutics are inspired by the action that psychedelics can have on preventing and possibly reversing the neurodegeneration that leads to brain illnesses. Our team is composed of highly specialized science experts focused on providing leading edge small molecule therapeutics for total brain health. 

Mental Health

Lucid's team has shortlisted Lucid-201, a known molecule with clinical proof of efficacy in major depressive disorder (MDD) and related psychiatric conditions.



Lucid completed the acquisition of exclusive world-wide license to new chemical entities (NCEs), associated patents and preclinical efficacy data from University Health Network (UHN, Toronto, Canada) in May 2021.

Composed of some of the industry's brightest minds!

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Lucid Psycheceuticals is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FSD Pharma, Inc. (HUGE), a publicly-traded company.